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The Circle Tennis Club Summer Championships 2015


This year’s final was played on September 27th. The day was a huge success with a great turnout from Circle Tennis Club members. This created a fantastic atmosphere for players and spectators alike. We were also helped with some of the best weather of the month. The results from the finals day are as followed:
















The club would like to congratulate everyone who made the finals, and thank everyone who entered this year’s tournament. A special thank you to everyone who came down to suppport the players and make the afternoon a day to remember. We now look forward to an even bigger and better tournament next year! 





Ladies Singles

Winner: Christine Cheel

Runner Up: Louise Paris

Ladies Doubles

Winners: Christine Cheel & Bal Cheema

Runners Up: Louise Paris & Jenny Hiley


Mens Singles

Winner: Ed Birkhamshaw

Runner Up: Matthew Hillman

Mens Doubles:

Winners: Matthew Hillman & Daniel Hillman

Runners Up: Ed Birkhamshaw & Bernard Considine

Mixed Doubles

Winners: Jenny Hiley & Matthew Hillman

Runners Up: Helen Pattern and Mike Helme

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